How to Make Your Beard Softer

How to Make Your Beard Softer in a Few Easy Steps

So you now live in the Age of the Beard Boom, you’ve climbed up the totem pole and went from little stubbles to a full-on complement of fashionable facial hair. You’ve now unlocked the secrets of an initiated beard man by getting more dates, hanging out with more girls and just living the life. You’ve asked out that one stunningly beautiful girl that everyone was too scared to ask out because she intimidates the living daylights out of them.

Fortunately for you, she totally digs the men who sport the beard and decided to go out with you. Your date really hits the right spots and before you know it you are ready to make that first move when you drop her off at her place.

Unfortunately, that wiry, scrappy, hard beard was a total buzz kill when you first locked lips. She never really mentions it out loud but all of a sudden, an arctic wind seems to have dampened whatever steamy passions you were sharing just right before that kiss. Sorry, buddy, try again with someone else…

But it doesn’t need to end this way.

Learn to Make Your Beard Softer Quick!

That beard that paradoxically was the key to you going out with the hottest girl in town but was also the cause of your downfall does not need to continue being that pain point for you and for her.

Make sure you take some time to invest in how to make your beard softer. As much as women are now attracted to that man with the beard, it is still a known fact that they want to feel pampered and comfortable especially when things get sensual. Making that beard softer can not only dissuade them but it can help you accomplish that heightened sense of sensuality translating into a better relationship for you and a happier life overall.

First of all, let’s take a look and see why that beard seems more like a shrub rather than a soft tuff of fluffy fur. Hair without the proper moisture results in dry hair and without the necessary fluids that can turn into rough pieces of wire sticking out of your face in no time. The other reason for a rough beard would be having numerous tangles and split ends on it. Imagine, a nice, soft towel that some sadistic nanobot messed with and twirled up the little ends on it. That soft towel can turn into a steel brush in no time with the strength of multiple ends twirled together as one.

The same also goes for your precious facial hair.

How to Tackle the Moisture Problem Naturally

Well hair growth is a bodily process that at the microscopic level is essentially cells being renewed and grown.

Our body produces these cells as a result of chemical reactions that are a result of what we eat and how we treat our bodies. If we have a nice healthy body that is complemented by a healthy, balanced diet and a reasonable amount of exercise, the growth of cells in the hair follicles will be as normal as possible meaning it gets the moisture it was intended to get.

Your diet should consist of a fair mix of protein, iron, calcium and vitamins to ensure these bodily functions are as normal as can be. Some foods that can help ensure your hair to be as healthy as possible include salmon which carry the necessary proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium and selenium that find their way over to your hair-growing skin. A healthy dose of beans and nuts are also essential because they are rich in protein, which are the building blocks of cells, including the new cells that are created that result in new, soft hair.

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The Natural Diet Checklist to Help Keep Your Beard Moisturized

 Basic Ingredients

  • Lots of protein, iron, calcium and vitamins
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Selenium

Actual Food Ideas

  • Salmon
  • Beans
  • Nuts

Another approach to keeping that beard soft is to maintain and ensure it is tuned up the way we want it, nice and soft.

Applying beard oil and spreading it out with a beard oil brush is an imperative component to getting it to the soft splendor we so direly wish for. Even if our facial hair grows healthy, factors around us can dry it out, like the weather, exposure to certain elements and chemicals, even our own breath can make it dry. The beard oil we apply on it will ensure that we are doing our fair share in keeping it moistened and results in the beard becoming soft.

Aside from beard oil, applying beard balm also carries longer-term beard softening properties to it. A beard balm is essentially composed of natural oils and moisturizers that give your beard that slick liquidity without being too greasy and just feeling perfectly right.

Remember your beard is not just an accessory that makes you look good, it’s essentially part of your identity and it needs to be taken care of. If you start with certain steps to make your beard softer, you should be on the way to becoming a better man. 

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