how to make your beard grow faster

How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster – Myths & Facts

At one point in our life or in the case of us beard growers (yes, because you are reading this articles and have gone this far, you are already considered a beard grower), growing a beard to its full potential has always been a lofty goal aligned with a sense of self-fulfillment. This has been proven since the dawn of time and the rise of human civilization and so many studies, stories and legends have surrounded the pursuit of this and just like the quest for the Holy Grail, the quest for growing that beard faster, thicker and longer has its fair share of myths and facts surrounding it.

Growing Myths

  • Shaving will make my beard grow back faster, thicker and stronger.
  • A beard grows at the same rate across the face.
  • Putting a dead fly on your chin will make the hair grow there faster (by the way if you believed this weird myth, shame on you my noble beard bro.)

Growing Facts

  • Exercise, a good diet and getting enough sleep will help you grow a beard
  • Testosterone supplements don’t always result in a lush beard and must be taken with medical guidance!
  • Beard growth vitamins can help you

How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster Myths Explained

[MYTH] Shaving Will Make My Beard Grow Back Faster, Thicker and Stronger.

This is one of the most common old wives’ tales that has been passed on from generation to generation in almost every culture.

how to make your beard grow faster shaving

Well, this is not true at all, beards grow whether you shave them or not and the amount that grows depends on a lot of factors other than removing it to begin with.

Remember, beard growth is a function of our body and just like any function there are several natural, physiological factors that play into it. Genetics, climate, supplements (which we will discuss later), diet and lifestyle all play a role in beard growth. Just to put in a thought here, Cro-Magnon man, or cavemen as we label them in pop culture, never used shavers and the beards they grew, as seen in their cave art and with fossilized remains, are actually the stuff of legend.

Think of Captain Caveman and son.

Part of the reason this myth exists is because when you do shave your beard, your beard is more even and thus looks more full instead of scraggly. Also because of the way our shavers work, it defines the hairs of our beard more and thus gives an impression that our beard is growing faster when in reality it is just more defined (and shorter cause you just shaved it).

​[MYTH] The Beard Grows at the Same Rate Across the Face

Scientific studies have shown that facial hair growth is slowest at the cheek area and faster at the chin area. The only reason we normally see a balanced growth is because some people trim the chin area to match the growth on the rest of your face. So do a little experiment and see how fast and how long each part of your facial hair grows and see for yourself. By the way, trimming during growth is fairly common and it will help you look good during some of the awkward length phases of growing a big bushy beard.

[MYTH] Putting a Dead Fly on Your Chin Will Make the Hair Grow There Faster

Some of you may not have heard of this ridiculous myth but believe me it is out there, especially in parts of Asia, where genetics puts some of them at a disadvantage as far as beard growing is concerned. Doing this is not only unsanitary and plain gross, it also does nothing to help your beard growing effort except maybe grow more bacteria in that area which may infect tiny wounds on your face and make it an unpleasant experience.

There are things you can put on your face to help grow your beard and we can discuss that in more detail later on.

[FACT] Exercise, a Good Diet and Getting Enough Sleep Will Help You Grow a Beard

One way to get your body working at this healthy optimal condition that makes it prime beard growing territory is by treating it right and avoiding excesses, getting the right exercise and eating the right food and getting enough sleep will make your body function well.

diet for beard growth

Not only will does this help you with growing a beard, but it helps you live long enough to have a nice long, gray beard that will give you a second career as a wizard at any cosplay event. (Also as a bonus tip for my beard bros wishing to cosplay as wizards, there are plenty of beard dyes on the market for you to use for that special shade of grey.)

[FACT] Testosterone Supplements Don’t Always Result in a Lush Beard and Must Be Taken with Medical Guidance!

Almost immediately, when you think of testosterone, you think of advanced masculinity which of course means faster beard growth… right? Wrong!

Taking testosterone in big quantities is not only ineffective in beard growth but it can also be dangerous to you. Studies have shown that there is some truth that it can help grow a beard or mustache but this is more effective on men who have a testosterone deficiency to start off with – i.e men that might need tester one for health reasons outside of just growing a sweet beard.

Most of us who have normal testosterone levels will not see a significant difference but will feel the ultimate sadness when we realize how much money we just spent on testerone supplements that science has already proven will not work for us.

Also, taking too much testosterone can be damaging for your liver, heart and can cause problems with your prostate, so this is not a recommended course of action. Consult a licensed medical physician before indulging.

[FACT] Beard Growth Vitamins Can Help You

Do not fret, several hundred years of scientific advancement has also reached the realm of beard growing my noble beard bro.

As we discussed earlier, a healthy beard is a sign of a healthy body and taking natural supplements or vitamins can help balance out the elements in your body to help with beard growth. Vitamin D, which has several positive effects on our skin, which is the foundation for every beard, can help you keep that healthy glow and promote the growth of facial hair.

Vitamin D also helps optimal testosterone production so think of taking Vitamin D-rich food before you start popping those testosterone supplements we cautioned you about earlier. Trust us, the food will be a lot tastier and a whole lot less expensive (And dangerous for that matter).

Vitamin supplements can also help you grow your beard, but don’t expect a forest to grow on your chin overnight. These supplements help to promote beard growth. One such supplement is the Beard Grow XL supplement.

It contains natural vitamins that can encourage the healthy growth of hair on your face. 

And There You Have It…

The myths and the truths of growing a good beard fast. There is always more science coming out on the beardly situation, so who knows? Perhaps soon we will have whole new regimens we can apply to our faces that will allow us to grow beards of unheard of might.

Until that day arrives my noble beardsmen, I hope this article has helped you discover some good ways you can grow your beard – and avoid the silly myths that get perpetuated over and over again.