How to Grow a Thicker & Full Beard

How to Grow a Thicker & Full Beard

A full and thick beard makes a man look authoritative and in control. Some men can naturally grow a magnificent beard while others really have to work hard on developing this look. The following information will describe the best steps that a guy can take to learn how to grow a thicker and fuller beard.

The Four Week Stretch of Growing a Thicker Beard

In order to grow a thick beard a person must get through the four week stretch. This four week stretch is the beginning phases of beard growth. The time when the hair on a man’s face starts to come through their skin. This process is very important because a guy’s face can become very irritated and damaged during the initial stages of hair growth.

When a man’s beard first starts to grow, he has to keep his skin free from oil and dirt. The most important thing that a guy can do during this stage is to wash and exfoliate their face. While most guys don’t exfoliate (and I do not blame them) they should consider this practice. Exfoliating will help to get rid of dead skin cells on their face and allow their beard to grow with less restrictions. Once you get pass the four week mark you are on your way to having a thicker and fuller beard.

Use a Beard Oil

Beard oil is important to a man’s facial hair. This substance is designed to keep a male’s facial hair soft and manageable. It also helps to revitalize and soften a person’s skin as they grow their beard. Beard oil can also reduce the itchy sensation on a person’s face when the stubble starts appear. Using beard oil is an important step with understanding how to grow a full beard. 

If you have absolutely no idea what beard oil is, check out my beard oil guide here.​ If you are looking for a full guide to grow a beard see this guide.

Trim your Beard

Trimming your beard is an important step for helping it to grow. When stubble starts to appear on your face you should trim it off with a good set of clippers. When it gets long enough start to use scissors. Trimming your beard gets rid of tangles and knots and it also helps a person’s pores to stay open and free from ingrown hair.

Water and Nutrients

Hair is a part of the body. Your diet will affect how your hair will grow. This means you should take in a lot of water and eat healthy foods. Water intake is important because it will help to improve your circulation which in turn will help your hair to grow at an amazing rate. Keep in mind that growing a beard is a fairly long process and if you eat a poor diet it will take a longer time. Supplements can be used to help stimulate hair growth. Certain vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, vitamin D, and vitamin E all play crucial roles in growing thicker facial hair.

Exercise and Reducing Stress

It is true that you can grow a beard without exercising. If you want to grow it quickly then exercise and get rid of stress. You can get rid of stress by exercising. Exercising helps to keep your body in good shape and it will do wonders for your circulation and skin. Find ways to deal with stress. When the body is dealing with stressful conditions, you will not get the best results for your beard. The bottom line is that you need to work out on a regular basis and keep your stress under control.

How to Grow a Thicker & Full Beard Conclusion

So now you know how to make your beard thicker and more attractive. Remember that it will take the average man between 4 and 6 months to get a thick beard on his face. So, be patient and follow these steps and you will have a good looking beard in no time at all.