How To Grow A Beard – The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to grow a beard. If you are a guy chances are that you thought at least once in your life to grow a beard.

You probably searched on the internet informations about growing a  beard. The problem is that information on the internet is scattered and sometimes not even tested.

This guide is designed to show you everything that you need, from growing to grooming the beard.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

The time it takes to grow a beard depends on a combination of genetics and a few other factors. A short beard obviously will take a short time to grow but the longer beards can take years even if your hair is growing quite fast.

Genetics are important but if you adjust your lifestyle to remove things that might be stopping your beard growing you will be surprised to see how your facial hair can improve.

Here are the things that will shorten the growth time of your beard:

-get proper sleep


-nutrition (protein)

Keep in mind that a healthy body is more likely to grow hair.

Besides genetics another important factor is your age. Between the ages of 25 and 35 you have the best chance to grow a thick and long beard.

How to grow a beard

Growing a beard is not that hard for most men, after all our biology helps us to do this.

The characteristics of your beard will be different from other men and the growing time will vary as well because we are all unique.

The important thing is to know that you can do it even if it is a little bit slow in the beginning or it is not growing the way you want it. There are products that can help you with that and we will talk later about them.

So, now that you understand that any man can grow a beard we need to talk about the next important thing. It takes a lot of willpower and dedication to be able to grow a beard the right way. Your beard will need maintenance and that requires effort and patience. It is easy to let your beard grow naturally but when it comes to grooming you have to learn new things and keep a schedule.

Here are the steps of how to grow a beard:

Understand that your beard will grow even if it takes more time than expected

Help beard growth with proteins and vitamins

Get rid of beard itch with conditioner, moisturizer and anti-itch products

Shampoo and condition the beard to ensure softness and cleanliness, this will also reduce the itch

Carefully trim the stray hairs but do not go overboard

Probably at this point you can style your new beard

After your beard starts to look ready you can shape it. If you are not sure what style suits your face shape you can go to a barber and ask for an opinion. Usually beginners should stick to simple styles that work for most people.

The fastest way on how to grow a full beard

Since there is no way to change genes we have to rely on other factors in order to grow a full bear fast.

First of all you have to understand what might hold back your beard growth. Things like smoking and dieting can affect your facial hair growth. Removing them will make the beard grow faster.

One common and important reason that slows down your hair growth is the vitamin deficiency. Highly processed foods that lack the healthy nutrients your body needs are usually the cause of vitamin deficiency.

This is where the beard vitamins come in handy. They will allow your beard to grow faster than normally and also makes it more healthy. Now do not expect it to be magic like some people do.

Here is the product that I recommend from my experience:

How to grow a thicker beard

Many people do not want to only grow a beard fast but also thicker. Earlier we talked about how vitamins influence the speed of beard growth and when it comes to a thicker beard the same things apply.

It is important to note here that if you are in your early 20s do not expect to be able to get a very thick beard. Genetics affect this characteristic too and while you can change it a little bit with vitamins you should know that some people simply cannot get a very thick bear if their genetics do not allow it.

That does not mean that right now you are at maximum beard thickeness and you cannot do anything about it.

The most important thing you want to do for a thicker beard is exercise. Facial hair is a result of how your body reacts to testosterone.

You can increase the testosterone levels naturally by working out.

How to grow a longer beard

Obviously if you don`t shave it will grow longer but there is more you need to know.

The most important thing here is to keep it healthy. A longer beard needs more attention than a shorter one.

You need to prevent your hair from breaking before it reaches the length you desire. First on the list are vitamins and proteins. After this you need good beard oil that can strengthen the beard.  Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand (Affiliate Link) is the product I recommend here.

Without a protective oil your beard is going to be damaged and you will not be able to reach the length you desire.

You can replace the beard oil with beard balm if that is what you want.

When you trim the beard keep it very simple. Try to maintain the shape and nothing more.

With the adequate nutrition, good beard care and some common sense you can have a great long beard.

How to grow a healthier beard

Things are simple here, if you are healthy your beard is also healthy. Remove empty carbs and go for proteins like fish which contains omega 3. Get your vitamins and make sure to sleep at least 7 hours at night. Do not forget about working out.

Once you are done with that you need to focus on taking good care of your beard. Use beard shampoos and conditioners that have the right amount of pH for beard and face. Bear moisturizer and beard oil are the best products for a healthy beard.

My recommandation is  Beard Oil Conditioner from Urban Prince. (Affiliate Link)

This does 3 important things for your beard: conditions your beard


3.treats it with protective oils

It is very important that you use products like this one before your beard is damaged.

How to reduce the itch while growing your beard out

A beard itch is something we all struggle with in the first weeks or growing a beard. If the beard itch lasts longer you might have an allergy or dermatological issue. Anything lasting longer than that and accompanied by welts, red and flaking skin is a serious issues that needs to be solved by a doctor.

To get rid of general beard itch you simply need to follow proper hygiene. Beard shampoo like Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Wash (Affiliate Link) was designed to stop the itching and clean the debris that your beard catches.

After shampoo you will need some beard conditioner like Zeus Beard Conditioner Wash for Men (Affiliate Link). This will soften the beard and the lime scent will make the ladies swoon.

If you want to go all in you can follow up with a beard moisturizer that will soften your beard even more. This is great if you still experience some itching.

Percy Nobleman’s Face and Stubble Moisturizer (Affiliate Link) is the one that I recommend for moisturizing. It is designed to soften the beard, reduce wrinkles, damage and to keep your face and beard healthy.

Follow all the steps and you will 100% feel much better with your beard.

One thing that I should mention here is that sometimes the itching is caused by ingrown hair. Take a look in the mirror to find the ingrown hairs that have redness around them and take some tweezers and pluck them out. This will solve the problem. Make sure there is no infection or anything more serious because that will require the attention of a doctor.

Make sure you follow a regular brushing or combing regimen to make your beard grow in a uniform direction and prevent ingrown hairs. Try something like Beard Brush and Beard Comb Kit for Men (Affiliate Link) and your beard will thank you. The beard brush is made from real wood and boar bristle.

How to make your beard softer

In order to get a softer bear you need to wash it with beard shampoo only because it maintains the natural pH and it will not roughen up your hair.

Beard conditioner is very important if softness is what you want.  The Art of Shaving’s Beard Conditioner (Affiliate Link) is the perfect choice for your beard. The main advantage of this one is the fact that it works with most types of beard.

Beard oil and beard balm are essential products for beard grooming. Combine them with a beard brush and your beard will feel soft and healthy.

How to trim and shape your beard

If you are a beginner this may look like a challenge but the truth is you only need proper guidence to make this whole process easy.

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow:

1 Combing the beard

Comb the beard in one single direction to make sure it is not tangled and be carefull to not miss any spots.

2 Use clippers to evenly trim the beard

If you are not sure about the clippers size try to go with a bigger guard to make sure you don`t trim too much. You can smaller if you want to but make sure you don`t go overboard.

3 Trim and fade your neckline

Usually it is an inch above the Adam`s apple.

4. Fade your cheek line

This depends on the beard growth pattern, some people do not have to worry about this step.

5. Use scissors for stray hairs

In order to detail your beard and get rid of stray hairs you need to look in the mirror and use scissors to trim them.

6.Beard oil and/or moisturizer

This is an important step that shoul not be skipped. It is always good to soothe and nourish your beard after a trim.

How to choose the right beard style your face shape

What you need to know here is that your beard complements the shape of your face. You need to make your beard accentuate the smaller features of your face and the reverse for the larger features.

Basically you need to even out your face to make you more attractive.

A square jaw is manly but if it is too wide you will need to go for a beard style that is shorter on the sides. If you have a small chin you can grow your beard longer there. So this will make your chin larger and jaw smaller which means you are averaging your facial features to make them more even therefore making you more attractive.

How to fill in patchy beard hair

When it comes to patchy beards some men will always have this problem. It is not really a problem because there are some really awesome styles for patchy beards. Unfortunately genetics play an important role in this.

Remember that if you are a young guy you will not know the true density of your beard until you reach early forties. That is the time when men grow the thickest beards.

Here are some things that can improve your patchy beard:

1 eat well and get adequate nutrition (try to go for grilled chicken breast)

2 get a good beard vitamin like  Wild Willies Bad Ass Beard Growth Dietary Supplement (Affiliate Link) which encourages growth and calms inflamations that may be holding back your beard from growing

You don`t have to be discouraged if you have a patchy beard. They can look awesome after you learn how to style and maintain them.

What tools are necessary to groom a beard?

Until now we talked about different types of beards and what products can help you to grow your beard faster, thicker and healthier. In this section we will talk about the tools necessary to groom a beard.

Here is the list of tools that every man should have:

  • a boar bristle brush
  • a beard comb
  • styling scissors
  • beard trimmer

You can also include a small flat iron straightener if you have a curly beard. Go for a small one because a larger one can be quite hard to use.

There may be other things that can be included on this list be I think this is more than enough for grooming.


I hope this guide helped you understand how to grow a beard and you now have all the tools that are needed to have a great beard that will make your friends jealouse.

It does not matter what kind of beard you can grow as long as you can style to make it more awesome.