Does Beard Oil Really Work ? Should You Try It ?

In this article we will answer the most asked question when it comes to beard oils: Does beard oil really work?

In order to do that we will take a look at the ingredients used to make beard oils and see how they affect the beard growth and skin.

What are the ingredients used to create a beard oil

Many people are afraid that beard oils are full of chemical that will hurt their skin. The truth is that every beauty product you can buy has some weird ingredient that you probably don`t know what it is.

That does not mean it will hurt you. Before they are put out for sale every product is tested thoroughly.

Now let`s be specific and talk about the ingredients in beard oil before we answer the question: Does beard oil really work?

There are only two ingredients that make up the whole compound.

The two main ingredients are:

  1. The first one is called carrier oil. This ingredient is about 90% of the entire beard oil. The carrier oil gives your beard all the key nutrients that it`s currently not receiving.

When you grow a longer beard you will probably get dandruff. That happens because the skin cannot keep up and produce enough sebum oil (natural oil found in your skin).

This is where a carrier oil like jojoba can help your natural oil production. Jojoba oil is a natural oil extracted from the jojoba plant.

If you wan to buy your first beard oil you can read this article:

We recommend that you buy one that contains jojoba oil because is the safest thing if you are a beginner. It can be used even if you have oily skin.

Just like jojoba, argan oil is another great choice because it is extracted from a plant and is all natural.

Before continuing we should mention that if you suffer from any sort of skin allergies you should talk with a dermatologist first.

Does Beard Oil Really Work

2. The second ingredient is essential oils. Just like the previous ingredient, these essential oils give additional benefits to your beard and skin.

Some essential oil can even help if you have acne as they are antiseptic (tea tree). The cedar, pine or sandalwood scent comes from these oils.

It`s hard to say what will be the best for you because there are hundreds of essential oils.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have sensitive skin you will have to be careful when choosing a beard oil. Try to avoid anything that involves citrus scents (grapefruit, lemon).

How To Apply Beard Oil

This is not a hard thing to learn. It mainly depends on how long the beard is. The longer it is the more beard oil you will need to use.

For a beard that is one month or two months old you need to use about a dime sized amount of oil. Pour it into your palm and start rubbing your hands together to make sure the oil is evenly distributed on the beard.

It is important to start from the base of the beard because your skin will get some nutrients too. For a better distribution of oil you can use a beard brush.

Does Beard Oil Cure Beardruff


The hair follicles from the beard will dry up the skin sucking the sebum as they grow longer and longer.

The beard oil will give you a huge amount of nutrients that will make your skin and hair follicles be healthy and soft.

Even with beard oil you should always take care of your beard. The oil will help but you need to have a beard maintenance routine.

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Will Beard Oil Make Your Beard Thicker & Fuller?

Does beard oil work?

If you have a thing beard and you want to get it to be fuller you will probably be disappointed by beard oil.

It helps you to have a healthier beard and sometimes thicker but it is not magical.

You can get a thicker and fuller beard but you have to do a little bit more than just applying beard oil.

Minoxidil (rogaine) is known to work for about 40% of men. But the best way to get the results you want is to load up on proteins.

Make sure you never miss foods like eggs, nuts, fish, beef, etc.

Does Beard Oil Really Work ? Conclusion

The short answer is yes.

You have to remember that beard oil is not a magical solution that will help you grow a beard out of nowhere. It will get you results but you have to do a little bit more than that.

Living a healthy life, reducing stress and using beard oil will bring you the beard you always wanted.