[DIY] Best Basic Beard Balm Recipe Guide

[DIY] Best Basic Beard Balm Recipe Guide

There was once a time wherein the regular beardsman had to make a tough decision. Use beard oil and get the softness and moisturizing properties that are associated with such a miracle product or use beard wax to hold your beard in a certain position and maximize how it looks on you. Using the former is good for making your beard soft and smelling nice but lets your beard flow in its natural state which normally favors the pull of gravity and the will of the wind.

Using the latter keeps your fashionable impression going, maybe even improving your basketball game by giving you the impression that you’re James Harden all of a sudden. However, the latter has the tendency to dry out the beard.

Well, those days of decisive dilemmas are now over with the introduction of the [DIY] Best Basic Beard Balm Recipe Guide.

What is Beard Balm You Ask?

Beard balm keeps your beard nicely moisturized and holds the key properties that oil brings on but applies some hold on your beard endowing you with the creative capital to sculpt away at that hairy work of art. So now we are convinced, beard balm is awesome and we need to get ourselves some of that good stuff. Although not prohibitively expensive like gold-plated caviar, beard balm can tend to add up. So if you don’t want to spend too much for it, then make it. And make it we shall with our beard balm recipe, which we will walk through one by one.

Understanding beard balm and its components is essential to building your own beard balm lab. Beard balm is comprised of core ingredients that you can customize according to your beardy needs:

Beard Balm DIY Ingredients

  • Beeswax – This is the binding agent that forms the foundation of the balm and provides it with its hold property.
  • Butter – This can be of Shea or Cacao variant and this gives the balm its spreadability.
  • Carrier Oils – Just like in beard oil, the carrier oils provide the nutritional factors that moisturize and keep your beard healthy.
  • Essential Oils – This oil provides the scent of the balm and properties associated with the plant it was extracted from. Learn more about beard oils here.

Beard Balm DIY Tools

  • Metal or Iron Pot
  • Metal Spoon
  • Small metal tin cans to store the balm in
  • Beeswax obtained from a local beekeeper bought in blocks or sticks
  • Shea butter
  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oils

First of all, you will want to heat up your pot. Make sure the head is set to low as you do not want to kill the essential ingredients we will be mixing in.

The next step involves putting in both the beeswax and the shea butter together. The butter will melt quicker while it may take a bit longer for the beeswax to do so as well. Stir them occasionally to make sure they mix well. An ideal ratio would be 4 parts butter for every 5 parts of beeswax.

Once the butter and beeswax mixture has melted you can stir in the carrier oils. Putting in 2 to 3 tablespoons of each type is recommended. You can use oils like Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Coconut and whatever else you feel like customizing your balm into, that’s the whole beauty of this exercise!

Before you pour the balm into the tins after having mixed in the carrier oils you will then add the essential oils to give the fragrance and unique feel to your balm. Stir the mixture well for a few more times then pour the liquid into the tins.

Keep the metal tins open for about 12 hours to cool down and the balm should set. Do not cover the metal tins or condensation will form on the balm, cover it instead with wax paper to prevent dirt or insects from flying into that fragrant balm.

That`s it for the [DIY] Best Basic Beard Balm Recipe Guide.

You should all be set with your very own custom beard balm. The great thing about this is you can use this as gifts for different occasions and if you get favorable reviews, you can also roll out your own beard balm line!